Top 6 Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

At present Instagram receives more engagement as compared to both Twitter and Facebook. In a recent study, it was found that the Instagram posts had 120 times more engagement every follower compared to Twitter and 56 times more engagement per follower compared to Facebook. However, Instagram is only fun in case other individuals follow you. As a matter of fact, hardly anybody follows us when we sign up for Instagram for the first time. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention some essential tips to get Instagram followers.

1. Your profile must have a clear focus in case you wish to be successful on Instagram. Do not post photographs of food items if your target is to showcase photography. Remember that your target audience only desires to see awesome photographs. You might post anything you like in case you are using Instagram to remain in touch with your buddies; however, there is a huge possibility that individuals who are not familiar to you will not be interested in following you. For a business, it is suggested to post some amazing photographs which people in your industry would like to see (such as beautiful sea beaches in case you own a travel agency).

2. Try to come up with a personal description. The very first thing that individuals are going to see when they click on your profile will be your profile description. There is no need to get too extravagant with this and just inform people who you actually are and what can be expected from you. Something such as “iPhone photographer from Las Vegas” will definitely attract folks who are interested in that particular genre.

3. It is also essential to make the Instagram feed awesome. While making a decision whether to follow you, people will first take a look at your latest photographs so that they are able to understand what can be expected from you in future and therefore it is imperative that your last 20 photographs must always look awesome. In case your photos are not up to the expectations, then they will not follow you.

We all know that quality is more important than quantity and therefore make it a point to delete the bad photographs if needed. Building a portfolio of at least 30 photographs will be a smart idea in case you are just starting out.

4. Make use of hashtags in order to find prospective Instagram followers. If you happen to be a landscape photographer, use hashtags like #landscape for finding other landscape photographers. In case you own a soccer brand, look for individuals who play soccer using hashtags like #soccer.

5. Try not to post too many photographs at once. It is essential to keep your new followers once you get some. Posting too many photographs at once can result in losing one or more followers in the long run. They will not be tempted to unfollow you in case they do not like one of your photographs; however, the result might be different in case you post lots of photos at once.

6. Try to engage with your audience. Individuals often tend to ignore the importance of audience engagement since they usually focus a lot on the number of Instagram followers. It would be much better to have a smaller but more engaged audience with individuals who like your photographs and begin conversations in the comments.